Thursday, July 5, 2007


Last night, like about 70% of you, I went and did what any good American does, watched stuff blow up, or as its more commonly known: went to see fireworks. We went down to the beach and before sitting down I stood for about five minutes surveying the scene, watching the waves roll in, whitecap after whitecap, and looking at the rather normal clouds, and even the sea oats (because who doesn't love sea oats?).

Eventually, I sat down and the fireworks started, and it was probably one of the better fireworks shows that I can remember seeing, but I had an inescapable feeling all throughout. I felt as if we were watching a mere secondary attraction, that the best show that night wasn't fireworks, it was the waves, clouds and even sea oats. I probably could sit and watch those waves for hours and best of all, they'd just keep going.

All in all, the works of man can be kind of cool, but they pale in comparison to the works of God.