Monday, October 12, 2009

Back at it

Hello friends, I've resurrected this blog after almost two years of not touching it. "Why?", you might ask, Great Question.

My reasons are threefold.

1. The next chapter had begun. I've moved to Jacksonville and am now working with an inner city ministry here. As I do so, I want to be able to keep friends, family, and supporters up to date on what's happening, what's next, and how they can be praying. The more people praying the better.

2. Its the 21st century and blogs are free. Technology is amazing, I can update the people I know, all over the world, all at once, with one button. Amazing. Plus, if you know me well, you know I love me a good value (I once was disappointed when a doctor diagnosed me with pink eye because I felt for the price of a doctors visit I should have at least had a sight-threatening ailment).

3. I have a religious studies/political science degree that beckons. Without blogs, liberal arts majors like me would have nowhere to express our random and occasionally meaningful philosophical musings about life.

Lets hope I keep this thing updated.