Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break! Woo!

I will readily admit that two weeks ago, I was not just concerned, but positively dreading the two weeks to come. We were having back-to-back college Spring Break groups come to work with our ministry, to live in my house, and as I saw it to create 24 hours work days for me.

However, by the second day of our first group (from The Master's College in California) I was actually enjoying the team. But still I was determined that it would not last and had circled that coming Saturday as a prime slot for a complete breakdown (not really), because on Saturday the 13th the first group would be finishing up their last night, while a second group from Clemson University would be arriving late in the evening.

And this group was twice as large.

And while, I really loved having the first group here, there's no way it could happen again . . .


And sure enough, they came. They had awesome hearts for learning about issues of justice, race, poverty, and Biblical perspective on all these things. They screamed their lungs out at Challenge Circle at a school we've never partnered with before. They cleaned up sidewalks and yards. And they caught a vision for our dreams for this neighborhood, praying for things I dream about and jumping in on the vision.

Pretty much the perfect two weeks.

Shows what I know.

In other news, friends, I'm currently preparing to make a trek up North for April and most of May, when I'll be in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I will be working on finishing my personal support raising so that I can remain here in Jacksonville for the long term. Its a big undertaking, but of as now, my perspective on it is positive. Pray that continues!