Tuesday, May 4, 2010


For the past few weeks I've been attending two early morning men's Bible studies up here in the Twin Cities. A couple observations:
1. Its pretty cool.
2. The sun still rises in the East.
3. Coffee gets exponentially better at 6 am.
4. People older than me are still trying to figure life out . . .
5. . . . but they know lots of stuff I don't know.

That's been my best takeaway piece. Most all of the guys in these studies are married with kids currently living in their house and its been great to just listen in and glean knowledge from people in a different life season than me.

Surprisingly, when conversation turns to their marriages and kids, places I obviously don't have much wisdom to offer, I make sure to pay attention. Its fascinating to listen to these husbands and dads process situations and choices and see how they come to some great, gospel-centered conclusions (today, teaching their kids to discern right and wrong based on the fruit of the Spirit every time they get in trouble).

That being said, I'm not wholly sold on this idea of going to bed at 10 yet.