Sunday, June 6, 2010


The hood feels like home. How about that for a variation on the American dream?

Today marks two weeks since I got back to Jacksonville and its been incredible to be back. Here's a run down of things I've enjoyed, encountered, and been encouraged by:
  • A house filled with myself, nine interns, and a summer staff member. Always something going on. Meetings, planning, office work, and spontaneous dance parties. Today saw the creation of a new game called tri-pong (extreme table tennis).
  • The South. I like the South (but I'm still very proud that the North won the war, don't get me wrong). Waffle House. Sweet Tea. Chick-fil-a. Killing cockroaches. Love it.
  • Humility. Return to Brentwood means playing basketball . . . inducing humility.
  • Madison! Two of our interns are Badgers. You can't shut us down. We're everywhere.
  • Visitors. Seeing the neighbors, seeing the kids at Bible study.
  • Spiritual Multiplication! Charting out 2 Timothy 2:2 for our d-group guys and challenging them to each lead Bible study for a week this summer and teach each other. Seeing them excitedly respond and want to take on the challenge.
  • Summer Day Camp. We're prepping for 5 weeks for the 5 to 12 year olds in our neighborhood.
  • Andrew A. Robinson Elementary. I've loved getting to go back to the school I've been volunteering at all year.
All in all, its great to be back. Eh?