Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Year

July 15th 2009 I woke up early after not sleeping much the night before amidst packing, 2 yuan worth of bai jiu, and final chances for some fellowship with some of my favorite people on earth. I got on a plane in Asia at 12:00 noon that plane arrived in San Fransisco13 hours later at 12:30 pm (that's no typo).

I wandered around that airport for a couple hours. Reading every sign. Noticing that I was keenly aware of every conversation surrounding me (they were all speaking ENGLISH!). I ordered a coffee drink in English with huge goofy smile on my face and paid with American money.

It was the most surreal two hours of my life.

I had that goofy smile glued on my face the whole time, not because I was particularly happy, I had no idea what to make of all the emotions in side of me. It was a smile of confusion. I had no idea what was going on, so I just smiled and rolled with it.

Its been a year.

On the plane, while taxiing my last words I wrote in that country were a prayer for my brothers and sisters there. For their campus. For their city. That it would all shine for Him.



Stéphanie said...

Thank you Marc for your truthful posts. Such good reminders.