Monday, January 24, 2011

Best. Journal Entry. Ever.

This is my journal entry from March 31st, 2009. Written in an East Asian coffee shop.

All of that is words. I promise.

At the end of that my fingers were a bluish hue and the pen's ink was exhausted.

It started with writing, "Jesus, I need a connection to you. I need to be close to you. I need to see you. Jesus, remind me of you. I need to remember the God that you are. OK, write:"

Then I began to write, everything on the page is a completion to this prompt:

"Jesus, you . . ."

Once I got going, I just kept going. That blackness was the result. A careful examination shows only the following words to be legible. "are truth", "are a redeemer", "provide", and "fort". I'm not sure what "fort" had to do with anything.

On the opposite page with the arrow coming off of it is "A picture of God."

What's on your page? How do you finish "Jesus, you . . ."?


Evan said...

Maybe the most inspiring and encouraging journal entry and now blog post I have read.

Anonymous said...
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