Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bird's Can't Talk

(originally, a post I wrote for our ministry's blog)

"Ha! Bird's can't talk!" he excitedly blurted out. In an instant, my view of the boy was transformed.

The third grade boy and I were reading a story book together at two:fiftytwo, 2nd Mile's new after school program, the he saw a picture with a speech bubble coming from the mouth of a bird. It was a quick reminder of who these kids really are.

No matter what's going on at home . . .

No matter how many times I ask before they seem to listen . . .

No matter how rough the neighborhood, school, or family they come from . . .

These are still kids. And to a kid, a talking bird is hilarious.

Furthermore, these are kids made in the image of God, who we have been given the opportunity to engage with the Gospel and a clear picture of Christ. What a tremendous honor and grace!

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