Sunday, January 1, 2012

Answers to 2011 Christmas Letter

Thank you for undertaking the challenge of my 2011 Christmas Letter Final Examination for NET 252: The Life and Time of Marc Nettleton.

Below you will find the answers and a grading scale. Best of luck.

Multiple Choice: (8 points per answer)

1. This year Marc switched roles and became director of an after school program within the ministry. Which of his previous jobs most prepared him for daily work with 7-10 year olds?

Correct Answer: A. Puppeteer - It turns out the skills required to take a top puppet from a small child are also useful to coerce a child into completing their homework.

2. After a six-plus month process Marc purchased a house in September. Which of the following may suggest Marc’s newly constructed house is from the 1960s rather than the present?

Correct Answer: D. All of the Above - Two of my first purchases were a record player and manual lawnmower while the combination of a bad housing market and rough neighborhood lowered the purchase price over 50%.

3. In Jacksonville, what temperature did one of Marc’s friends consider “too cold” to stay for the 4th quarter of a football game? (I’m still a Northerner. Don’t worry!)

Correct Answer: B. 58 degrees. I will tell you I'm becoming less capable of tolerating cold temperatures, but I'll never, ever reach that level.

4. In three months of home ownership, which previously enigmatic skill has Marc not learned?

Correct Answer: B. Blacktopping. Unfortunately, I have learned a little bit about wiring, plumbing, and fixing doors, but with a concrete driveway I will be unlikely to be blacktopping anytime soon.

5. In the past 6 months of working with kids, which skill has Marc not learned?

Correct Answer: C. How not to break kickballs. While re-learning phonics rules, talking to parents, and driving large vans have been picked up, I have broken no less than 4 kickballs on trees, fences, etc.

Matching (24 total points)

Match Marc's Job Title to the months of 2011.

Correct Answers:
January to May Intern Director
June to July Multipurpose Director
July to August Summer Day Camp Director
September to present After School Program Director

Photo Differentiation
I've got no way to score this so just go ahead and give yourself as many points as you'd like.

Grading Scale

0-15 Too bad I'm not grading on a curve . . .
16-30 Better luck next year
31-50 Adequate
51-65 A strong effort
66+ I'm concerned that you're stalking me

Thanks so much!