Monday, December 24, 2012

Day Eleven: Came to Worship

There's a recurring theme in every element of the Christmas story.

Mary hears her news, she worships.

The Magi come from afar, they worship.

A group of shepherds hear about this baby who is the Messiah, they worship.

An old man named Simeon sees the baby Jesus in the temple, he worships.

An even older woman named Anna, who spends her time worshiping, also encounters the baby Jesus in the temple, she worships.

All throughout the story. The old and the young. The local and the distant. Worship.

It should be no different today.

We are called to come and behold Him and worship. Not to worship in a building or to worship on our schedule or worship because it's a holiday.

But to worship as those who are astounded. As those who have seen and acknowledge that He is greater and because of that, He is worthy of all our praise from all our lives. True worship is seen when there is nothing we would hold back from Him.

And when we've seen Jesus for who He truly is, this isn't a task. It's barely even a command. It's an invitation.

He's invited us to worship Him with our whole lives.  To live for Him.  To love Him.  To belong to His eternal Kingdom.

This isn't a task, it's a treasure.

Let's worship.