Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Day Camp: Year 5

Who's in the house?! JESUS!

Click, click! WE DON'T QUIT!

You ain't hype? YOU AIN'T HYPE!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to summer! The exclamations above and many more have become standard vernacular for us, our volunteers, and about 70 kids as we've launched into our fifth year of Summer Day Camp.

Though we are still at the start of Camp. I am convinced that this will be the best year yet. We have added a music and a sports station this year. We are teaching nutrition lessons that supplement snack time. Our volunteer and staff team is stronger and more connected to the community than ever before. And the theme of "The King and Me" is fully integrated into the decor, the Bible lessons, the education times, and dance station.

On the first day, I stuck my head outside thirty minutes before the start to realize we already had a line forming. And by 20 minutes into registration we were already putting kids on the waiting list as our capacity (and then some) had already been fulfilled. While this is certainly a good problem to have, it is also a heartbreaking problem as kid after kid and parent after parent had to be told, "Sorry . . ." 

It illustrates our need for more space, so that next year we won't have to turn kids away at the door. As it stands now there's a full room of kids behind me, plus over 20 students on a waiting list, plus others whom we have had to tell that even our waiting list is full. Our prayer is that next year we can have a camp with an increased capacity running out of our own facility!

As the kids have filtered in, its always great to see a collection of new faces, returning faces, and extremely familiar faces. There are campers returning who have been gone for two years. There are campers who were a part of our after school program previously, moved away, and have come back for Summer Day Camp. And of course we have campers who are with us every day for two:fiftytwo at SDC sharing that experience with a whole bunch of extra friends.

Our hope and our prayer is that this Camp is full of the students who will be the future leaders of our community. Will you join us in praying that this camp would be a place where:
  • Students encounter Christ in meaningful ways?
  • Long term relationships are formed that lead to year-round involvement in our after school program, our middle school program, and the church plant?
  • leaders from Brentwood and for Brentwood are developed?