Sunday, June 17, 2007


Here's a random collection of observations:
  • I killed my first cockroach recently. I have since seen a few more, its a Southern thing.
  • People are coming to Christ left and right, with another one of our guys doing so last Thursday.
  • Some people think it weird that I always eat my entire meal at a restaurant.
  • Some people (the kids) think its hilarious when I dance (which I agree with completely)
  • According to the best-selling StrengthsFinder book's test my top five strengths are:
    1. Belief
    2. Adaptability
    3. Connectedness
    4. Positivity
    5. Includer
  • Fact: I just used a list of numbers within a set of bulleted points, I'm pretty cool (Sometimes I use parentheses in excess also).
  • My first ever homemade batch of sweet tea is cooling in the fridge right now.
  • Full time ministry is pretty sweet, but challenging. I need to be more bold and take more risks. Also, I need to establish myself as an adult in the minds of the students, because while they certainly respect me and want me to like them, I'm not sure they view me as a source of spiritual leadership or guidance.
  • A quote from Ernest, one of our students: "I'm the definition of humble."
  • We had a staff planning retreat over the weekend and we went to a small church that we don't usually attend and halfway through the sermon I realized the room was entirely filled with white people and that was weird to me. It seems I've very quickly gotten accustomed to being surrounded by diversity.
  • Humanness and the inherent worth of persons is more and more being revealed as a universal truth that I cherish in particular.
  • "Jesus Paid It All" (the Passion '06 version aka the way Blackhawk Church does it) is perhaps one of the best creations of sound ever recorded.
  • Question the kids have asked me more than any other: "Why are you always smiling?" Maybe I should make an appeal to the StrengthsFinder result #4.
  • I really like bell peppers.
  • Finally, Brewers fans should take note that my (championship challenged) team is playing pretty decent baseball (when not fighting) and is within striking distance.
That's about all I've got for randomness right now.