Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This afternoon my task was to finish organizing our office (a long process) and for me an especially difficult one. I've been accused of having ADHD on multiple occasions (not true) and most certainly am predominately extroverted, so spending a few hours in a room with hundreds of files and maintaining sanity requires creativity.

My form of creativity expressed itself through baking this week. Last week one of my neighbors repeatedly remarked that her birthday was coming soon, so I decided to make her a cake (though its now a few days late) when I could not stand to look at another 2004 auto insurance record yesterday. So I made a cake and delivered it today and I've never seen her so excited. She gave my roommate and I three hugs each and took a picture of it with her phone to show her elderly mother. Plus, she came by twice tonight and raved about it.

This is also pretty cool considering that this neighbor, Miss T, now calls us "the Christians" or "the ones who made me a cake" when just two months ago, she was very suspicious of who we were and why we were here.

Turns out taking a break was probably the most productive thing I did yesterday.


Mike said...

Terrific, Marc!

Evan Bretzmann said...

I love to organize! That's so sweet she calls you "the Christians." Way to represent.