Monday, December 28, 2009


One of, if not my greatest passion on this earth is discipleship. Walking alongside others towards a fuller (though always fractional) understanding of the Gospel and the story to which Jesus calls us to live.

In college, I had the awesome opportunity to at one point be intentionally walking that journey with an amazing group of younger students (you know who you are) in what was likely the most "productive" and "fruitful" ministry of which I've been a part. These guys were rock stars, they were honest and real about their struggles, hungry to learn, and quick to apply any advice I gave (even the bad advice).

About a week ago I got to drink some very expensive coffee with one of those guys and discuss the peculiarities of this life: the inconsistencies, hypocrisies, and idiocies that lead to real growth.

And I realized I miss discipleship.

And then I realized I don't need to move back to a college town, but need to make disciples where I'm at. Its a longer process, but that's the dream. To see young men in my neighborhood choose day-by-day to enter into the Story that's prepared for them. To choose that Story.

That's the vision! To make disciples, who make disciples in Brentwood.

(by the way, how cool is it that I used the plural of idiocy? I didn't even know that was a word)