Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'd like to think 6 year olds think I'm pretty cool

This summer 2nd Mile Ministries is running our second ever free Summer Day Camp for our community.

We had no idea what to expect.

After handing out fliers all over the neighborhood, we saw 16 students come on day one, then on day two: 37. Day three: 55. By day four we were at 66 and started discussing what our maximum cap would need to be. Exciting to say the least.

One word to describe the camp: hype.

Hype - n. - an unleashed, unconstrained mix of energy, excitement, and joy capable only in children (and occasional adults who are able to overcome middle class behavioral norms).

At the camp, songs are sung with hype. Crafts are done with hype. Dancing, hype. Bible lessons, hype. And, of course, the hype is fully realized in Challenge Circle at the end of each day.

Its exhausting, but fantastic.

Currently, we're in week three and have two more weeks left after this week.

Hopefully, I'll have some videos to post and stories for you later in the week.


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