Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Day Camp: the Videos

Our 5 week summer day camp is now is week 4 and running pretty smoothly. Today, I'd like to enlighten you to a small picture of our world via video.

First up, 2nd Mile has connections. Through those connections we've gotten to know the Jacksonville Jaguars team chaplain and their biggest free agent signing of the year Aaron Kampman (sorry Packer fans) and this past Wednesday Aaron, the chaplain (Anthony), and 4 other players (with assorted family members) came to camp, not for publicity but because they love Jesus and want to be involved for His Name in the community.

Two players shared testimonies of what God has done in their life and then the campers performed the dances they've been learning for everybody. And on the second time through, the campers convinced the players that they needed to join them.

This is the result.

Aaron may have warned me not to put anything too embarrassing on the internet, so for the sake of his future relationship with the ministry (and because he's very large), please don't tell on me.

Next, every day the campers go through 3 rotations for a teaching station, a crafts station, and a station called Encore!, where this particular week they were learning a dance. This video is a particular gem as it features everyone's favorite intern, Andrew.

Finally, here's one more, purely because it really, really amuses me. Jai'juan, who's density hovers around the level of most metals, being awesome.