Saturday, February 5, 2011

Onward and Upward

It has been awhile since I wrote a general update on here. So, here it is.

2nd Mile Ministries is in the midst of a shift. Our early focus was on teenage youth and the past few months have seen a change in that entire dynamic. We knew we wanted to move younger, which first meant, middle school, so we began planning for that, then younger still, so 5th grade. But that lasted about a week before we very clearly saw our opportunities and that our direction needed to go even younger.

So, our focus is now set on planning for a 5-day a week after school program to begin next fall for grades K-2. This is a dramatic shift. Especially, when none of our staff members feel particularly called or gifted in working with that age group.However, we are all in agreement that this is the age and direction God is clearly leading us towards.

So, I've been visiting similar ministries around the region to glean information from them and lay the groundwork for next fall's program (which by the way, if you know someone who may be interested in a yearlong internship with 2nd Mile, contact me!).

Soon we will begin to spread the word about our plans in order to have a community meeting to truly get input about what the community needs and is looking for in an after school program. This should be good.

Otherwise, the other big news is that two weeks ago we hosted our 2nd Annual Challenge Circle Super Bowl. It was a good time. The Yellow Team were the big winners and our halftime show featured a rap performance and lesson taught by Jacksonville Jaguar (and elementary ed. major) Aaron Kampman (yes, he was on the Packers for those of you who get excited about that kind of thing, especially right now).

It was also exciting to see our D-group (D is for discipleship) students step up and help out in a big way. Below are some pictures from the day!