Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: The Coming King

As Christmas approaches, I have a small goal.  I want to use this space to post one short reflection each day until Christmas in the hopes that it will draw your heart and my heart to a greater appreciation of the different aspects, characters, and elements of the Christmas story.  So here we go.

Day One: The Coming King

Jesus owns the world.  He owned it before there was such a thing as time.  He owned it when the Mesopotamian civilizations flourished.  He owned it when they fell.  He owned the world even when he came into that world as a baby.

Even as a baby. In a barnyard.  Wrapped in clothes.  Being held by a young girl.  He was King.

It all belonged to Him.

King Jesus.

He still is King.  The undisputed, unparalleled Sovereign of the Universe.

The King has come.  Let's celebrate his arrival.